Dear friends of Helping Hands,

2014 has been an amazing year for Helping Hands!

Thanks to you
… who have participated to our events
… who have donated vouchers and goods for our lucky draw and silent auction
… who have redeemed your Christmas vouchers to Helping Hands
… who have purchased a home bake cake, bought a raffle ticket, bid on an auction
… who have donated food from your pantries for our winter collection
… who have made a donation to Helping Hands

Helping Hands has raised over 10,000 euros, that added to Amadeus sponsorship, will benefit 13 local and international projects making a difference for hundreds of persons, mainly children who are sick or living in poor conditions.

We’ve started 2015 with a new Helping Hands board, many new volunteers and a great energy to support the new projects that will be selected in February.

We hope we can count on you again this year.

The Helping Hands team