Collections for Morocco and Syria

From 23 May to 3 June

Helping Hands collects:

Warm clothes for isolated villages in Morocco

Your donated clothes will be sorted and distributed in isolated Moroccan villages in the Atlas and in the north-east of the country.

We’re looking for Sweaters, Trousers, Shoes, Vests, Rain jackets, Cardigans, Scarves, Beanies, Gloves, mittens, in good condition and in bags.

You may find containers in the following Amadeus locations:

  • Sophia:
    • at the Main site: in the bicycle park near the restaurant
    • at Clara: in the parking,
    • at Espaces & Triades: at the entrance barriers near the recycling bins
    • at Greenside: at the main entrance
    • at Navigator: at the entrance
  • BelAir: Delivery zone near Americas entrance


Food and medical aid for war refugees in Syria

Can you help us to fill a container leaving for Syria on 15 June?
It will provide direct aid to war victim families IN Syria.
We’re looking for:

Medical aid and toiletries
  • All medicines (over-the-counter, prescription medicine)
  • First aid (bandages, dressings, etc.), crutches, wheelchairs
  • Soaps, razors, toothpaste, shampoo, sanitary towels
  • Kidney beans, chickpeas, tinned tomatoes, tuna, lentils, rice, nuts, soups, noodles, tinned fruit, baby food (no glass, no meat)
Baby items
  • Baby carriers (babybjorn, etc.), collapsible strollers, nappies,
  • Baby wipes, nappy cream
Camping and bedding
  • Blankets, sleeping bags, sleeping mats,
  • Tents, dynamo torches

You may find a collection box in all building entrances.
For large and bulky items contact Joseph Furolo (tel: 0786267142)

Thanks a lot for Helping Hands!!!