Your chance of winning starts here!

Jackpot is Helping Hands’ virtual raffle with real prizes! 

Ticket sale: until 18 November at 6pm
Draw: Thursday 19 November 2020 – 17h30 Live on our Facebook page

The concept is easy:

  • Buy one or more tickets online on our website
  • Win real prizes!


    Read more info below or…

    All transactions secured by PayPal.
    You can pay online even without a Paypal account.

    You might ask… “What can I win?”

    And we’d reply: “HUGE prizes, that’s what you can win!”

    Let’s admit it, this 2020 has been a bit crazy for all of us so far… so to end it in style we wanted to do something crazy ourselves too: that’s why this year we have HUGE prizes for you!!!

    1st prize: Apple iPad Air

    No, we’re not kidding. This is the real iPad Air and it can be all yours!
    Details for the geek inside you: 10.5-inch display, Wi-Fi, 64Gb (2019 version)


    2nd prize: Kindle Paperwhite

    This is the finest and lightest Kindle ever. It has a 6-inch screen and now it is even water-resistant!
    Can you imagine how many books you can store in 8Gb?


    3rd prize: Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 Bluetooth Speaker

    This is a super-portable Bluetooth speaker: balanced 360° sound, deep bass, one-touch music control, water, dust & drop proof. It’s just waiting for you to go anywhere.

    4th-5th prize: 50€ Amazon voucher

    If it is not on Amazon, it doesn’t exist. So with this Amazon voucher you can potentially buy ANYTHING (that doesn’t cost more than 50€) 🙂

    6th-10th prize: 20€ Amazon voucher

    Like grandma would say: take this and buy whatever you want!


    All transactions secured by PayPal.
    You can pay online even without a Paypal account.

    Helping Hands is the non-profit organization run by Amadeus employees in Nice.

    All profits from our initiatives are used to fund the solidarity projects proposed by our members every year.

    Our raffle is open to everyone in every country! Purchase your tickets now!








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    Everything you need to know about our Virtual Raffle is here! 

    What is this Virtual Raffle about?

    A raffle is a game in which people buy tickets for the chance of winning a prize and winners are drawn at random at a selected time.

    Our Virtual Raffle uses the same concept but this year it is totally online, because… you know… the pandemic…

    You can buy your tickets online only and the draw will be broadcast live on Facebook… but prizes are very real! And this year they are HUGE!

    Where can I buy the tickets?

    You can buy tickets exclusively on our website here.

    The first 400 tickets are on sale at 2€, after that the price will increase to 3€. All transactions are secured by PayPal and you can pay even if you do not have a Paypal account, simply by using your credit card.

    Who can participate?

    Whether you work in Amadeus or not, whether you live in the Nice area or not, you can participate!

    Our Virtual Raffle is open to anyone over 18 years old in any country where Amazon is present (we’ll send you your prize from the local website).

    The Board members of Helping Hands are not entitled to participate in the game.


    How will the winners be selected and announced?

    Here are some more precise rules about the game:

    • There is no limit of ticket purchases per person. Nevertheless, one person can only win 1 prize.
    • Helping Hands reserves the right to increase the number of prizes or cancel the initiative depending on the number of tickets sold.
    • At the end of the ticket sale period (18th November), we will export the ticket purchase data from our e-commerce platform
    • The exported file will have one line for each ticket sold. Lines will be sorted by purchase time in ascending order (from the oldest to the newest) and each line will get a number in ascending order starting from 1.
    • The draw will be broadcast live on Helping Hands’ Facebook page on 19th November 2020 starting from 5.30pm
    • To draw the winners, on 19th November 2020 we will use to generate a list of 20 random numbers from 1 to X, where X is the total number of tickets sold.
    • The first generated number to appear on the screen (at the top of the list) will be the 1st prize and so on until the 10th. Only the first 10 generated random numbers are going to be matched with the line numbers in the exported file with ticket purchases in order to find out the names of the winners. The remaining 10 numbers are used to name additional winners in case the same person has purchased the winning tickets to multiple prizes.
    • If the same person has bought the winning tickets to 2 or more prizes, only the highest prize will be awarded and his or her other winning tickets will be ignored. 
      Example: John Smith has bought two tickets that are drawn to win 2nd, 6th prize. He will only win the 2nd prize and the 6th prize will be awared to the next winner in line.
    Are there tax deductions for the purchase of tickets?

    We usually have a 66% tax deduction for everything you donate during our initiatives. Unfortunately, the purchase of a raffle ticket cannot be considered as a donation legally, since you might be receiving something in return (i.e. our insanely amazing prizes!!!). 

    Therefore, buying many tickets will give you more chances of winning and supporting our good causes, but unfortunately no tax deductions. 

    How can I increase my chances of winning?

    Well… just buy more tickets! 😀

    Got more questions? Contact us!