Helping Hands’ Got Talent 2024

Come support your colleagues and discover their amazing talents in our greatest event ever!

Helping Hands’ Got Talent

Live show @Hotel Mercure Sophia 

Thursday 21 November – From 6pm


  • Enjoy mind-blowing performances by your very own Amadeus colleagues
  • Cheer or boo our brutally honest jury! 😛
  • Vote for the best performance and help the greatest talent win!

The profits of the show fund all the projects supported by Helping Hands, the solidarity association run by Amadeus employees.

The event is open to everyone! Purchase your tickets now!








Why buy now? These prices apply for online advance purchases only.
On the day of the event, tickets will be sold at the hotel at full price (check details in the FAQs below).

*It's all tax deductible!

  • We are a non-profit association, so the money you give us counts as a donation.
  • Donations are 66% tax deductible based on the French law…
  • …this means that purchasing a 15€ ticket, is as if you were paying just 5.10€!
    (We will provide you a legally-valid receipt at tax declaration time)

Frequently asked questions

What time does the show start?
The show start at 7 pm. You can enjoy your free drink included in your ticket by showing up at the bar in the Hotel Mercure starting from 6 pm.
I may be a bit late, will I be allowed to enter?
We are way more easy-going than an opera theater; so yes, you’ll be allowed to enter!
What are the rules of the game?
  • Our host introduces the talented performer on stage.
  • Each performance lasts 2-3 minutes
  • After each performance, the jury will comment.
  • At the end, YOU will be able to vote during the best performance. The performance with the highest average between the audience and the jury ranking will win!
  • If you buy the 15€ ticket, you have more votes to cast and higher chances of making your favorite contestant win!!!
Can I buy the tickets at the hotel on the day of the event?
Yes, you can. Be aware that the ticket prices on d-day is as follows:

  • Basic ticket (includes 1 drink + 1 vote): 15€
  • Fan ticket  (includes 1 drink + 5 votes): 18€
Who is performing on stage? Do I know anyone?
Here is the list of talents!

First act

Luiz Areas
Isabelle Dias Da Graca
Anouk Ardoin & Pierre Ardoin
Meritxell Lorber
Meghana Murthy
Anas Mirhzer
Morgane Chazal

Second act

Anne-Sophie Labriet
Joachim Woerly-Moussier
Yann Droy
Audrey Carrere, Graziella Comisso, Lea Dalian, Adeline Brun, Loriane Ginesy, Marilyn Quere, Elodie Kolasniewski Henrot, Albane Martiquet
Ekaterina Bastrakova & Chems-Eddine Ouaari & Camille Fisichella
Beatriz Pastrana Diaz
Will I be able to get food?
At the hotel you will be able to order “planches de charcuterie” and cheese, and there is also a restaurant.

We suggest enjoying a drink and getting a planche between 6pm and 7pm, and then head to the restaurant at the end of the show at 9pm.

There will also be a 15-minute break at around 8pm.

Will Simon Cowell be part of the jury?
Oh we don’t need him, we have someone better!

Helping Hands of Sophia Antipolis – 485 Route du Pin Montard – 06950 Valbonne