Submit your project for 2017!

Helping Hands is looking for the 2017 solidarity projects: let us know yours!

On February 9th and 21st, 2017, you’ll get a chance to present your project and add it to Helping Hands’ 2017 portfolio.

What are the rules to present a project?

  • Each project must have an owner, and an owner can support one project only
  • The project owner is (or is represented by) an Amadeus staff or contractor
  • The project scope fits in Helping Hands domains of activities (basic needs, health, education, IT)
  • The project has a clear scope in nature and time, with an associated budget
  • The project owner has personal connections with the supported organization and can ensure project implementation
  • The funds raised in 2017 will be used to support all the approved projects. To benefit fully from the funds distribution in January 2018:
    • The project owner must be actively involved in Helping Hands 2017 activities (Attend members meetings, participate on events, co-organizing events)
    • The project owner must organize a specific Helping Hands event
    • The project owner must participate (or be represented) in all Project Owners meetings.
  • The funds collected in 2017 will be reallocated to projects based on owner’s contribution in HH events
  • No individual or direct financing (no amount donated can be specifically allocated to a project)
  • Project owners must provide communication material (pictures, flyer, etc) when needed

Our “Join Helping Hands” page will give you additional details on what being a member means and what level of effort is required.

How can I present a project?

Presenting a project is very easy! You just need to:

  1. Be a regular Helping Hands member for 2017: the yearly fee is 25€ and it can be paid in cash during any of our meetings or by check to “Helping Hands¨, sent to Aude Letter
  2. Submit your project presentation (5 minutes max!) on our Box folder using this template BY FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 8th
  3. Attend our dedicated meeting to present your project.