Projects in 2013

Armée du salut (Nice)
Buy equipment to support the distribution of food on daily basis to poor people
leaving in the street
Contribution à l’achat d’équipement pour la distribution de nourriture.

Enfant Star et Match (Antibes)
Providing children in hospitals in France a day of joy
Offrir un jour de joie aux enfants hospitalisés en France.

Karnataka Hospital in Halligudi (India)
Renovation of an hospital in a south Indian village in the State of Karnataka
Aide à la rénovation d’un hôpital dans une région rurale.

Handi-Plongée (Cagnes/Mer)
Contribute to the integration of young handicapped persons through scuba diving activities (in pool and sea) with special types of diving suits
Achat d’équipement specialisé pour le club Handi-plongée de Cagnes/mer.

Malinia project (Mali)
Refugee assistance and medical supplies
Assistance aux refugiés et collecte de medicaments.

One Rupee Fee School (Pakistan)
Elementary Education Schools for poor children in Pakistan
Parrainage de l’éducation d‘enfants défavorisés au Pakistan.

Orphanage in Inle Lake (Myanmar)
Donation to 2 orphanages (boys and girls) for education
Participation au fonctionnement de 2 orphelinats.

Saranalaya Children Home (India)
Funds for the education of 44 children in a orphanage in India
Participation à l’éducation de 44 orphelins.

School in Sine Saloum (Senegal)
Build a classroom
Participation à la construction d’une école.

Taaluma initiative (Ghana)
Fair trade project for social and environmental good and construction of schools
Participation au fonctionnement des micro-entreprises et promotion de l’éducation

Timoun Kontan (Haiti)
Sponsor the association Timoun Kontan
Parrainage de l’association Timoun Kontan qui agit en Haiti.

TLC (South Africa)
Renovation of an old age home for disadvantaged people
Construction d’une maison pour personnes âgées et sans ressources.

Universal Aid for Children (Ukraine)
Gymnasium funding
Construction d’un gymnase.

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