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When you are fortunate to have been raised in countries with freedom and security, and to live comfortable lives as adults, it is important to give back.

Since its launch in 2002, Helping Hands, managed by Amadeus employees, support over 20 humanitarian projects each year in the fields of education, health and rudimentary needs in France and abroad. Within Amadeus, solidarity is embedded in our philosophy, both as a corporation and as a community, and Helping Hands is a great reflection of that spirit.

Nearly 20 years later, the association continues to stay strong, with a group of around 50 active Amadeus employees and hundreds of followers and supporters. 

Our mission is to “Bridge the Gap” by offering assistance to those in needs, whenever possible, locally and around the world. 

We sponsor humanitarian projects in the fields of education, health and rudimentary needs in France and abroad.



How does it works? 

Our projects are financed through a range of events, such as raffles, sporting events, bake sales (when sanitary restrictions allow), Christmas market, Solidarity cocktail, etc.; and partly through Amadeus support. 

Alongside fund raising, most importantly, Helping Hands relies on the engagement of its volunteers. 

Getting involved in Helping Hands stimulates work/life balance, your contribution (whether monetary or helping in organizing an event). And raising money while having fun makes our personal contribution more rewarding. 

Making a difference, it is not only about fund raising…

Here are some examples of where YOU have helped us make a difference…

  • Providing the ‘basics’ to vulnerable families, homeless people: Food, blankets, school supplies collections are dispatched by charities such as The Red Cross / La Croix Rouge in Grasse
  • Solidarity in a crisis: Storm Alex devastated the area of the Vesubie, France. An exceptional clothes collection was sent to La Croix Rouge Villeneuve and Pacome so that families could get back to a ‘normal’ life as quickly as possible.
  • Enabling quality healthcare: Since 2011, Helping Hands has been financially supporting the France Inde Karnataka association working with a hospital in the village of Halligudi in Southern India, targeting women and children.
  • Finance training programs: For volunteers to accompany all audiences and conduct support groups in relation to perinatal grief (baby death before, during or sometime after birth).
  • Alleviating food insecurity: in poor rural communities of West Africa, India, and Dominic Republic amongst others
  • Lighting up kid’s faces at Christmas: The toys you donate in November go to underprivileged children in the region, distributed through La Croix Rouge and other organizations.

This of course, is just a few samples. Helping Hands is involved in 13 projects this year. 

We also have fun by doing so!

Every year, we try coming up with new ideas to get you involved and we like to make it fun! Covid threatened to dampen our spirits, but we have managed to stay focus on our by moving to virtual events such as:

  • Virtual sportive events: 

We cannot wait to have a somewhat normal life to have more live fun events like:

  • Music quiz: a competitive and fun way to raise money by the love of music! We offer prizes for the best teams.
  • Karaoke nights: need we say more? Like to sing? Sing your heart out because no one is going to judge!!!! 
  • Treasure hunt: we did it a few years ago and it was a great success! Can’t wait to do it again! 
  • Amadeus got talent!: And we have indeed! In 2018, we had an array of singers, dancers, rubik’s cube solving within seconds, Ballroom dancers, Flamenco dancers,  and some more!
  • It’s been a while since we’ve had our Solidarity cocktail and silent auction… maybe we are lucky this year and we have one!

Help us make a bigger impact in the community!

Learn more about the causes we help throughout our events. Build a personal legacy. Why not leave the world a better place that when you arrived?

If you are an Amadeus employee, join helping hands! We welcome new faces and are open to new ideas. If you’d like to just join us as a volunteer or to submit a project for next year, we’d love to hear from you!

For more:


    A big THANKS to all volunteers and to all of you who have donated over the years!

    Helping Hands of Sophia Antipolis
    Helping Hands of Sophia Antipolis
    Don’t miss the first Helping Hands Sportive Challenges starting on Monday 11th OCT.! First connected race organized for supporting Helping Hands & a great way to move!
    Join us from Monday 11th October until Sunday 31st October. Registration will close on the last day at 23.00.
    For each category, we will have a winner! 7 vouchers of 100 euros + 1 special prize

    Walking, running, biking, inter-generation challenge! No excuses for not doing it!

    The 20 first people enrolled will win Marineland tickets‼️
    Helping Hands of Sophia Antipolis
    Helping Hands of Sophia Antipolis
    👋Hello @HelpingHands!

    >>> LAST CHANCE <<<
    Helping Hands is selling hundreds of Amadeus office second-hand furniture at unbeatable prices. Office chairs, tables, cupboards and much more.

    We also have the restaurant Bon Sens furniture!!

    📅 From 28th Sept - 15th Oct

    More info 👉
    Helping Hands of Sophia Antipolis
    Helping Hands of Sophia Antipolis
    👋Hello Helping Hands!

    Do you have winter clothes and food to donate for charity?

    📅 From October 4th - 15th, Helping Hands is organizing the collection of food and winter clothes.*Only adults clothes and only sweaters.

    All the items you donate will be given to La Croix Rouge and redistributed to homeless people.

    ℹ️ Drop your items in the Main site and Bel Air next to the badges areas.

    For further information, contact us at
    Helping Hands of Sophia Antipolis
    Helping Hands of Sophia Antipolis
    Thank you so much to support Helping Hands!
    Congratulations to the winners!!

    🏆 Apple iPad: Charrat Christel
    🏆 Kindle: Castel Sylvie
    🏆 Echo speaker: Matthieu Bareges
    🏆 2 Wedoo vouchers 50€: Thomas Quero / Eusebius Ngemera
    🏆 5 Wedoo vouchers 20€: Amaury Decrême / Adriene Cerani Miller / Sophie Duclos / Corina Ispas / Nicolas Martinez

    In the next few days we will contact you by email!
    Helping Hands of Sophia Antipolis
    Helping Hands of Sophia Antipolis
    Helping Hands of Sophia Antipolis
    The draw date is here! If you want to know the winners stay tuned!
    We have a date TODAY on Facebook at 18h!
    Helping Hands of Sophia Antipolis
    Helping Hands of Sophia Antipolis
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