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Help us change someone’s WORLD!

You cannot change the world, but you can change someone’s world!

Many of us have been privileged with a safe and good upbringing, or to live in countries with freedom and security. We now live comfortably, so it is important to give back. Within Amadeus, solidarity is embedded in our philosophy, both as a corporation and as a worldwide community, and Helping Hands is a great reflection of that spirit.

Since its launch by Amadeus employees in 2002, Helping Hands supports humanitarian projects in the fields of education, health, rudimentary needs, and technology in France and abroad.

Making a difference

Here are some examples of projects for which YOUR donation, financial or otherwise, allow us to make a difference.


  • Financing training programs for volunteers who conduct support groups in relation to perinatal grief
  • Providing the ‘basics’ for vulnerable families, homeless people with food, blankets, warm clothes collected and dispatched by charities such as the Red Cross/La Croix Rouge
  • Sponsor the purchase of a guide dog that can change the life of a vision impaired person 
  • Financing children’s leisure trips for families in remarkably bad financial difficulties, sometimes in social breakdown and isolation.
  • Participating in sporting events to promote the fight against leukemia
  • Lighting up kid’s faces at Christmas with the toys you donate going to underprivileged children and distributed by the MJC l’Escale in Garbejaire.


  • Enabling education by building and renovating schools and high schools, providing school supplies so children in Africa have a chance in life
  • Supplying full time care and protection for girls destined to become child prostitutes or victims of human trafficking
  • Alleviating food insecurity in poor rural communities of West Africa, India, and Dominican Republic amongst others
  • Improving life conditions, sustainable water management and agricultural production techniques and foster women’s empowerment
  • Empowering single parent families to generate genuine income, providing job to the children’s mothers and providing healthy food for both the children and the community.

How does it work?

Helping Hands relies on the engagement of its volunteers. Some 50 people are involved, with hundreds of followers and supporters and we like to have fun by doing so! 

Our project initiatives are financed in part by our fundraising events and with the financial support of Amadeus. Last year, we were able to bring back more face to face events such as the food & clothes collections, raffles, toys collections, a Christmas market and held multiple furniture sales from items donated by Amadeus! We collected €27,200€ and thanks to your contribution, we provided financial help to 14 projects in France and abroad.

A big THANKS to all volunteers and to all of you who have donated over the years!

In 2023, Helping Hands is engaged to raise money towards helping 15 projects and we aim at continuing our new hybrid mode of fundraising with virtual and more face-to-face events which we miss so much!!!  Click here to learn more about us