Helping Hands is a charity association managed by Amadeus staff and contractors. Today, we are represented by strongly motivated Project Owners, active members, and hundreds of supporters but we are always looking for new members!  We organize many events during the year, and we need volunteers to make them come true and achieve our fundraising goals.

    • If you work at Amadeus Sophia or Bel Air campus and would like to join us, we would love to hear from you! We welcome new faces and are open to new ideas!
    • If you are not part of the Amadeus family but are still interested, follow us on our Helping Hands Facebook page. You can also make a donation to support our projects!

Become a member! The fee you pay is used towards the associations we represent. Use this link to pay the 25 € membership fee

Our concept is simple…

Each calendar year, we select solidarity projects to work with; these can be existing projects or newly submitted. Specially the latter, must be voted on and approved by the members. They must fit within our four pillars to be accepted: Basic needs, Health, Education and Technology. Then, we raise funds via events (raffles, sporting events, music nights, etc.) and organize food and clothes collections that are then donated to other non-profit charity actions (Red Cross, war on Ukraine, and more …).

As a member or volunteer, you have the freedom to propose any activity that can help us raise funds. Since each event usually relies on a team of Helping Hands members, you won’t be alone! The effort to organize events depend on the type of event… and on the size of the team! The definition and re-partition of tasks is totally up to the team, but it can be estimated at one hour per week at lunch time for 3-4 weeks.

Become a member! The fee is only 25 € and the money is used towards the associations we represent. Use this link to pay the membership fee

Get involved!

Join us in making this year an even more exceptional one! Become part of the team, help us make a bigger impact in the community! 

If you work for Amadeus employee, join Helping Hands! We welcome new faces and are open to new ideas. If you would like to just join us as a volunteer or to submit a project for next year, we would love to hear from you! Contact us at

You can be involved in Helping Hands at different levels:

    1. Member or volunteer: If you don’t have time to get fully involved in our activities, you can just promote our activities with your friends, attend our events or just give us a hand on occasions when needed. You can invest as much time as you can, whenever you can. We love if you participate to our monthly meetings so you can voice your ideas!
    2. Project Owner (PO): At the beginning of the year, you submit a project — association of preference — for which you would like to raise money. You must organize at least one fund-raising event during the year and are expected to help other POs in the organization of theirs. It is also important to be an active participant of our monthly meetings, where we discuss financial status and events status, new ideas, etc. Refer to Event organization above for more details.
    3. Board member: The board is selected at the beginning of the fiscal year. You must be an existing member to join the board as President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Delegate, Webmaster, or Communication Manager. The board members meet on a monthly basis – or as needed – to discuss a wide range of topics. The Board member is often overseeing and helping in the organization of events. Whenever necessary, the board takes “executive” decisions without the consult of members. The effort for a board member can be estimated to one hour per week of various activities, including meetings, all along the year (excluding August).

Become a member! The fee is only 25 € and the money is used towards the associations we represent. Use this link to pay the membership fee

If you require more information, contact us!