About Us

Working in a high-tech environment, in a privileged region of the world, the daily threats of poverty, sickness, discrimination and exploitation often seem far removed. When one is fortunate to have been raised in countries with freedom and security, and to live comfortable lives as adults, it is important to ‘give back’.

Within Amadeus, solidarity is embedded in our philosophy, both as a corporation and as a community; and Helping Hands is a great illustration of that spirit. Since its launch in 2002, the association managed by Amadeus employees, has been supporting an average of 20 humanitarian projects each year, in the fields of education, health and rudimentary needs in France and abroad.

With the active participation of its employees, Amadeus integrates social, environmental and humanitarian concerns as a central part of its activities and therefore actively supports Helping Hands solidarity initiatives.

Our mission “Bridging the gap”

To give assistance to those in need, both locally and internationally. Whenever possible we use direct contacts, so to ensure that 100% of what we collect is given to the people we are helping.

Our people

  • President: Mariana RIVERA-SANABRIA
  • Vice-president: Silvia STEFANOVICOVA
  • Treasurer: Florence GLACHANT
  • Secretary: Vanessa AUZANNE
  • Social Media: Daniel SASTRE GARCIA
  • Webmaster:  Waqas Liaqat ALI

Plus dozens of active members…