Helping Hands was founded in 2002 by a small group of Amadeus employees who first got together to raise funds for an organization needing to purchase a morphine pump for their patients. They saw the need was imminent to help the underprivileged and from there, the association was born. Twenty-two years later, the association continues to be represented by strongly motivated active members and hundreds of supporters.

Backed up by Amadeus, Helping Hands puts in place simple ideas to aid different solidarity associations focusing on four themes: Basic needs, Health, Education, and Technology. Our mission is to Bridge the gap and to give aid to those in need, locally and internationally. Whenever possible we use direct contact to ensure that 100% of the funds that are distributed to the projects are used for the purpose they are intended.

Helping Hands way of working

Our concept is simple, we work with selected solidarity projects that are proposed, voted on and approved by the members at the beginning of each calendar year. Then, we raise funds via events (raffles, sporting events, music nights, etc.) and organize food and clothes collections as needed.

Our Board

  • President: Mariana RIVERA-SANABRIA
  • Secretary: Vannessa AUZANNE
  • Treasurer: Florence GLACHANT
  • Delegate: Cecile GELLY
  • Social Media: Katia MALAMAN
  • Webmaster: Andres RASTRILLA

Want to learn more?

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The Helping Hands family