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We organized 13 events, celebrated our 20 year anniversary and raised 27,2 K € which will be distributed amongst 14 local and international projects, making a difference to hundreds of families and children living in poor conditions.

We are very proud of what we’ve done so far but none would have been possible without you. Thank YOU for participating to our events and…

  • for donating food, medicine and warm clothes to the Ukrainian refugees (March) and to the homeless (December)! Hundred of boxes collected throughout the different collections this year!
  • for giving your children’s pre-loved toys a 2nd life! There will be a lot of children happy this Christmas! We earned 1,8 K € from the sale and the rest donated to our local partner s MJC l’ile aux tresors (Escale) and the Rotary Club for L’association ALC (Agir pour le Lien social et la Citoyenneté).

Special thanks to you who made a personal donation just because, or gave us your Christmas vouchers, and of course, to Amadeus for your yearly subvention and thousands of furniture items and to the B&F team for your patience working with us to make it all happen 😊!

We are proud to be part of this amazing Helping Hands family and we invite you to join us and be part of it – come as a volunteer, member, or a project owner! It is a beautiful experience and you’ll have a good time too!

We wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and the best wishes for the New Year!

Season greetings from the Helping Hands team

2022 events

First half of the year:

  • Furniture sale (February)
  • Ukraine solidarity collection: Around 100 boxes (food, clothes, and hygiene products and baby items) were delivered to distributing the centers to donate to Ukrainians refugees and sent to Ukraine as well as to the Red Cross.
  • Spring raffle: Lucky winners of watches, kindles and more.
  • Furniture sale (May)

Second half of the year:

  • School supplies collection for mission to Ethiopia (August/September): Our vice-president Ivanna travelled to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to deliver your donation!  As a part of a humanitarian mission of Les Amis Des Enfant Du Monde, they vistied the Ethiopian Children’s Fund (ECF) and brought the school supplies you donated.
  • Final Furniture Sale (September): Need we say more
  • Move for a good cause (September): A sportive joint-venture with the Pricing Optimization R&D team where every kilometer counts! Amadeus France donated 1,000 € for the cause!
  • Helping Hands 20th anniversary  (September): We had a blast celebrating our birthday! What a good after-work occasion to get together and celebrate achievements! Maybe you’ll join us next year?
  • Comedy theater show Les Héritiers (October): Funny!! What a laugh 😅 watching this group of family members doing their trickery to get their share of the inheritance!
  • Sock sales (yes, 🧦 socks!!) COMING SOON AGAIN: We are wearing our colorful socks! They’re fun and we can’t wait for cooler days to put them on!
  • Toys/books, Food & Winter  clothes collection (November): Once again, we have many clothes we barely use… let’s get those sweaters, scarf, and hats donated! Save some winter clothes for donation when doing the changeover!
  • Winter Wonderland market! (December): Lovely sell of toys in our Bel Air and Main site. We earned 1,8 K € from the sale and the rest donated to our local partner s MJC l’ile aux tresors (Escale) and the Rotary Club for L’association ALC (Agir pour le Lien social et la Citoyenneté). 

Looking forward to 2023!! See you then!