Events in 2024

With our events and your monetary contribution, we hope to once again make a difference to hundreds of families and children living in poor conditions.

Here’s what happening so far….

  • All year-long and until stock is gone, go to our SHOP page for our Online furniture sale to purchase your home office items.
  • In May:
    • Sound Healing & Yoga Nindra session (16 May): As always, what an experience it was with our Sheetal Karkera, super-expert Yoga Practitioner, brought these two ancient meditative practices to help de-stress, harmonise energies and allow the body to heal naturally through deep meditation. 
    • Exopolis in Concert (30 May): Enjoy pop-rock music with Exopolis, a band composed of employees of Amadeus and Orange. Buy your ticket now 
  • In March and April:
    • Spring Raffle (Mar/Apr): Amazon voucher ticket prizes of 150, 75 & 50 euros! 
    • Bake sale again and we had a great time interacting with passerbys in the corridor of the Main site. First time and will continute to do so!!
    • In February:
      • Baby clothes sale (6 & 8 Feb): in Amadeus Bel-Air and Main site.  Entrance restricted to employees.
      • Bake sale is back and we were happy to see so many people passing by! The concept of Get what you want, donate what you want! is simply lovely to see the generosity of our colleagues <3
      • Karaoke (20 Feb): The 3rd edition of a night of good fun, fun fun! 
    • In January:
      • General assembly: The Board has been renewed for the 2nd year in the row.
      • Baby clothes collection: A great opportunity to give your pre-loved baby clothes and kid ski clothes a send life

    While you wait for more, here’s a recap of what we did in 2023