Our concept is simple. Early each year, Helping Hands chooses which Projects to sponsor and then we organize Events to raise money and Collections of goods (food, clothes, etc.) to donate to local organizations.

  • A Project is the association/entity that Helping Hands sponsors (monetary or items donation or both). Each project has a Project Owner (PO)
  • An Event is the source of our funds. Each event must be organized by a PO.

At the beginning of the next fiscal year, the funds raised are distributed amongst the projects according to the Project Owner’s contribution to the success of the year. The submission of 2024 projects are locked in. 

    Our 2024 Projects

    Projects in Europe

    Cancer Support Group 06 (France) https://www.cancersupportgroup06.com/

    Expats are generally far away from their support system, and it can take years to build a new one. Cancer treatment entails a series of lifestyle modifications for which one is never prepared, especially after a relocation in another country when away from family and friends.

    The goal of the association is to provide practical, emotional and psychological support to people going through such a difficult journey and help them navigate a foreign health system. The role of Active Listeners is to be a supportive listening ear outside the family circle, to help the other person define for themselves what kind of support they most need, and to refer them if appropriate to sources of specialised services, such as nutritional advice, art therapy, or psychotherapy.

    • New project for Helping Hands in 2024.

    Go Purple! (France) https://www.laurettefugain.org

    Go Purple! is supporting the Association Laurette Fugain for over 10 years with sportive events: Running in purple for different races, mobilizing colleagues and family to run in purple for promoting blood donation, organs donation and bone marrow transplant.

    • Helping Hands supports this association since 2021.

    La Croix Rouge – Biot (France) https://www.facebook.com/croixrouge.biot/

    The local Red Cross in Biot works with homeless people by providing food, clothing, and items of 1st necessity. In addition to that the local team would like to go one step further accompanying these people, by financing actions that could help them, for example paying for a car’s control technique or mechanical problem.

    • Helping Hands supports this association since 2022.

    Les amis de Lacassagne (France) https://www.amiscal.fr/

    Les amis de Lacassagne association supports regional fight against cancer for Center Antoine Lacassagne (a.k.a CAL). Their aim is to provide this center some wellbeing and help for people unfortunately suffering from cancer. Everyone has a family member, a friend suffering, it gives Helping Hands the opportunity to support the center by various wellbeing action.

    • New project for Helping Hands in 2024.

    Les Quatre A – Formation de Chiens-Guides (France) https://www.chienguides.com/

    The association Les Quatre A deliver guide dogs to people visually impaired at no cost. The process starts with a Host family raising the puppy, then continue to an educational program so that the guide dog can be delivered to a person visually impaired. The guide dog is regularly supervised.

    • Helping Hands supports this association since 2021

    MJC l’ile aux tresors (Escale) (France) https:/www.mjc-ileauxtresors.fr

    The goal of MJC l’ile aux tresors (Escale) is to finance children (kids and adolescents) leisure trips for families who are in very high financial difficulty, sometimes in social breakdown and isolation.  It’s important for these children’s emotional and integral development to be able to go a short trip or vacation to escape from their reality and have joyful moments with peers.

    • Helping Hands supports this association since 2014

    Nos tout petits de Nice (NTPN)  (France) https://nostoutpetitsdenice.org/

    In the PACA region, around 750 entire families per year are touched by perinatal grief forever. NTPN Nice accompanies, informs & trains more than 150 bereaved families and 1000 health care professionals in the PACA region, by different means like: Contact media (internet, phone, email, flyers, Information booklets), Events, Press articles, and trainings for health care professionals.

    • Helping Hands supports this association since 2015 

    Projects in Africa

    Coup de pouce humanitaire (Malawi) www.cdepouce.com

    The concept is that for 15 days, a team of around ten volunteers goes to help on a construction site, helping with the construction or renovation of schools, hospitals, social centers, etc. These projects are supervised by local partners, and are run by a site manager and his workers.

    Volunteers fully finance their own trip, however, there is still a need to raise funds to pay the local workers (who supervise the work during the mission) and to finance the tools and materials necessary for the construction.
    Our Helping Hands’ project leader will be part of the volunteers and will help from the 10th to the 25th of Feb 2024 to build a nursery and a canteen for the children. During the stay, they will also organise a “kermesse” with the children. 

    • New project for Helping Hands in 2024.

    Gabatcha (Madagascar)  http://www.gabatcha.fr/

    Gabatcha focuses on building and renovating of local schools, provide educational materials (e.g., pencil, notebook, etc.), build libraries, organize free medical visits to children in need. In addition, they sponsor several high school graduate’s native of Sainte-Marie by providing them with a monthly scholarship.

    • Helping Hands supports this association since 2015

    Kenyan Kids (Kenya) https://www.kenyankids.org/

    Kenyan Kids focus on providing full time care and protection for thirteen girls all of whom were destined to become child prostitutes or victims of human trafficking. Giving children the chance of an education, a loving home where they can be safe from harm; things, which for our own children take for granted.

    • Helping Hands supports this association since 2010


    Projects in America

    AlasCinco: let’s beat the hunger monster! (Colombia)  https://alascinco.org/

    Alascinco is a social model seeking to interrupt the chain of poverty based on sustainability strategies and improve the conditions of the population with bad economic conditions.

    The association has a semi-industrial kitchen where organic Granola “MOLA Granola” is produced by the kids mothers. Most of these are single mothers struggling to find a job so this initiative provides a genuine income to the association, provide job to the children’s mothers and healthy food for the children and the community.

    • Helping Hands supports this association since 2022

    BurgosMarka Educational center (Bolivia)  https://burgosmarka/

    Burgosmarka reaches out to children and young people from underprivileged families. The center currently houses 142 children and teenagers, ranging from age 1 to age 17. The care provided to our users is comprehensive in education, food, hygiene and medical care. A volunteering doctor treats health and medical issues.

    Their objective is meeting the educational, nutritional, health and hygiene needs of young people from poor and dysfunctional families. It also offers guidance to families to improve the future prospects of socially disadvantaged boys and girls in the city of El Alto de La Paz in Bolivia.

    • Helping Hands supports this association since 2022

    Futuro Vivo (Future Vivant/Future Alive) (Dominican Republic)  ​https://www.futurovivo.org/

    Since 1988, in the village of Guerra (Dominican Republic), the Futuro Vivo Integral Education Communitarian Program aims to implement an innovative educational experience for kids (from 3 to 12 years of age) with a communitarian dimension, including the participation of the poorest Dominican and Haitian families, from the village as well as the hamlets and bateyes located nearby.

    • Helping Hands supports this association since 2017