2022 Achievements of Rain Drop

Helping Hands have been supporting Rain Drop India since 2014, developing women entrepreneurship in rural India, more specifically in 7 villages in the Maharashtra state.

All projects are based on demand from local populations. Beneficiaries are selected on the basis of an application they were asked to submit followed by a home visit by association members.

In order to further accompany them towards the creation of their revenue generating activity, Rain Drop regularly organized workshops to explain how they can earn income with each type of machine. They also help them navigate through the various government financial support and loans to encourage women entrepreneurship.

Helping Hands financial contribution helped to fund the purchase of sewing machines, noodle making machines and dough making machines which allow these women to generate a source of income.


The work is finished when communities are completely autonomous. They manage their activities independently and integrate community decision-making mechanisms to resolve problems. The association can then share its experience with other villages in need.

Our stories with the association


I fell in love with India in 2017, in a business trip and since then, I have travelled back 3 times, always so enthusiastic about their colourful culture, extraordinary kindness and warm welcome. When the previous Helping Hands’ President suggested I support Rain Drop India, I immediately said yes, it was an evidence that I had to get involved!