Events in 2023

Where has time gone?! Helping Hands is taking a break on events and getting ready to celebrate the Holiday season with family and friends. We wish y’all great holidays and end of year. See you in 2024! Stay tuned!!

In the meantime, here’s a recap of what we did in 2023:

We are supporting 15 local and international projects, and hope to once again make a difference to hundreds of families and children living in poor conditions.

  • In March:
    • Winter rafle: Lucky winners of watches, kindles and more.
    • Bake sale is back and we were happy to see so many people passing by! The concept of Get what you want, donate what you want! is simply lovely to see the generosity of our colleagues <3
    • Sock sale: We are wearing our colorful socks! They’re fun and they keep us warm. A new sale will come after summer so if you missed the March’s sale, don’t worry, they’ll be back.
  • In April:
    • A few of the Helping Hands members participated to a Quiz night hosted at Roots in Valbonne village. It was a great fun night and thanks to the participants’ entrance fee and raffle tickets we received a donation of 706 €!! These Quiz nights happen every 2nd Tuesday of the month. It’s worth joining – every month, the proceeds go to a different non-profit association.
  • In May:
    • We started our new concept of Online furniture sale where you purchase your items and we deliver the goods on a set date within the week. It makes it easier to manage the logistics of a 1 day only pick-up. Take a look at our SHOP page and set up your home office with some bottom low prices!
  • In June:
    • Karaoke night!! We wanted a night of good FUN and WHAT A NIGHT! This karaoke night was made even more special by our cultural diversity as we sang and shared songs in French, Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Créole…. what a gift!
    • Bake sale was back and this time with some healthier options – fruits! OK, that’s not baked food, but more appealing to some health minded colleagues 🙂
  • In July:
    • Baby clothes collection: Items collected will be offered for sale (stay tuned for more information) and unsold items will be donated to charity.
    • Sound Healing & Yoga Nindra session: Sheetal Karkera, super-expert Yoga Practitioner, brought these two ancient meditative practices to help de-stress, harmonise energies and allow the body to heal naturally through deep meditation.
  • In August:
    • We took a break but the online furniture sale kept the money flowing. We’re still selling stuff, so take a look at our SHOP page and set up your home office with some bottom low prices!
  • In September:
    • The Move for a good cause was a SUCCESS thanks to your participation. We even had the highest number of participants with 115 people taking up the challenge with a total of 150K KMs done. Amazing!!! 3 times a trip around the world. We’d like to congratulate all the other teams who participated and showed such sporting dedication.
  • In October:
    • Baby clothes sale of your precious donations back in July and now we are ready to sell them! any unsold items will be donated to charity. This event is planned for the Bel Air location only
    • Sound Healing & Yoga Nindra with Sheetal Karkera, super-expert Yoga Practitioner. She’s a real pro!
  • In November:
    • We sold over 100 pairs of Socks for a good cause, and for each, we received a 3€ donation from the vendor.
    • Over 12 kgs of Winter clothes were collected and donated to local associations working with the homeless
    • The Toys collection was a great success too where our colleagues donated toys, books and we gave them a new life! Some of the toys were sold to benefit the Helping Hands projects and the rest will be donated to local associations.
    • Karaoke night was once again a BLAST!! Next one is planned for February 🙂
  • In December:
    • Winter Wonderland market: Toys collected in November were sold (at a pay what you want concept) to benefit our associations  and unsold items are donated to local associations
    • Bake sale during the market. So many yummy stuff, can’t wait for the next one!! 🙂