The toys collected by Helping Hands will be sold during our Christmas market which proceedings are used to support our 2021 solidarity projects and donated to our local partner associations (MJC l’ile aux tresors (Escale) and La Croix Rouge).

Everything you donate should be clean and in good condition (no pieces missing). We’re looking in particular for:

  • Board games (kids and adults)
  • Construction games
  • Puzzles (no pieces missing please!)
  • Kids music, movies, cartoons
  • Electronic games

You may find a collection box in the following Amadeus locations:

In Sophia (badges areas*):

  • Building B3: Reception’s badges area
  • Building B1: Delivery’s badges area
  • Les Oreades (to be confirmed)
  • *Building A3: by coffee room

In BelAir main entrances (badges areas)

  • BelAir Asia
  • BelAir America
  • BelAir Europe
  • BelAir Middle East Africa

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