Process to declare Helping Hands donation in Annual Income Tax Return 

01-Obtain tax receipt

Helping Hands sends to you an attestation de don summing up all the donations done in the past year . The document specifies the amount donated, the date, the organization and your personal details.

02-Declare the donation on your tax return (Déclaration d'Impôts)

When filing your annual income tax return, include the details of your donation in the appropriate section.

In the online tax declaration system (Déclaration des Revenus en ligne), use  7UF box specific section for charitable donations (Autres dons (associations d´utilité publique, organisme d´interet general…)

03 - Calculate Tax Reduction

In France, the deductible amount varies based on the type of organization and the nature of the donation. Generally, individuals can deduct 66% of the donation amount from their income tax. However, there are caps and specific rules for certain situations.

The tax reduction is calculated by multiplying the donated amount by the applicable deduction rate. For example, if you donated €100, the tax reduction would be €66 (€100 * 66%).

Reminder: Retain the donation receipt as this may be required in case of a tax audit.