Project in Europe

Enfant Star et Match (France)

“Being healthy is a privilege”. The ESM association’s objective is to initiate, foster and encourage the practice of sport [mainly tennis] for sick children. ESM is in permanent contact with more than 150 children and their families in several French Hospitals to offer holidays based on Tennis sport.

  • Helping Hands supports this association since 2005.

MJC l’ile aux tresors (Escale) (France)

The association assist in financing leisure trips for families of children and adolescent) who are on very high financial difficulty; sometimes in social breakdown and isolation. It’s important for these children emotional and integral development to be able leave on vacation from time to time in order to escape from their reality and have moments of joy with peers. Some of these kids/adolescents have never been on holidays or been into a restaurant with their families in their entire live.

  • Helping Hands supports this association since 2014.

Nos tout petits de Nice (NTPN)  (France)

In the PACA region, around 750 entire families per year are touched by perinatal grief forever, knowing that the majority of parents will fall pregnant later on. The NTPN Nice accompanies, informs & trains more than 150 bereaved families and 1000 health care professionals in the PACA region, by different means like: contact media: internet, phone, email, flyers, etc.

  • Helping Hands supports this association since 2015.

Candeia (Portugal)

A non-profit association, supporting up to 300 underprivileged kids between 6 to 18 years of age living on institutions due to dysfunctional families by promoting their development and autonomy.

  • Helping Hands supports this association since 2016.

Les Blouses roses (France)

The association Les Blouses Roses regroups 5200 volunteers in France, acting as support to children and elderly people in hospitals. In children’s hospitals, their objective is to bring happiness to children from 0 to 18 years old : songs, games, activities depending on the age.

  • New project for Helping Hands in 2020.

Solidarité 06 (France)

Solidarité 06 is a organization founded by members of the group Actions du Coeur. After years of cooking and giving hot meals to the homeless, there was the need to create a structure in order to put in place a new project: SANS ABRI 06, a paper magazine that is edited by Solidarité 06 and given to the homeless in Nice. These magazines are sold for 2 Euros and the idea is to reintroduce the homeless into a working exchange with other people (they are selling a product) instead of begging. So far, 3 editions have been released with a print of 5000 each. For the next one we are targeting 10 000.

Here’s a story for you… David was living in the streets of Nice. For 5 years, we saw him during our food distribution on Saturdays. When we introduced him to the concept of SANS ABRI 06 he immediately asked to be one of the first seller. After 2 weeks, he told us that his relation with other people changed; he now had the courage to talk to others and to propose something instead of asking for money. After 4 weeks of selling the magazines we was able to rent a car garage where he could store all his stuff and sleep at night. Talking to people and selling the magazine helped him meet someone who offered him a job! He is now working as a garbage collector.

  • New project for Helping Hands in 2020.

Projects in Africa

Taaluma (Ghana and Togo)

Taaluma is a nonprofit organization that focuses on alleviating food insecurity in West Africa. They build aquaponics systems and training centers. Each center includes an aquaponics system, sack gardens a compost bin and a raised garden bed to show how to make the local soil fertile. They also travel to villages creating small gardens and teaching how to create sustainable food sources.

  • Helping Hands supports this association since 2010.

Gabatcha (Madagascar)

Organization focus on building and renovating of local schools, provide educational materials (e.g. pencil, notebook, etc), build library, sponsoring several high school graduates native of Sainte-Marie by providing them with a monthly scholarship.

Organization Free medical visits and material proposed to population of Sainte Marie island and renovation of some classrooms.

  • Helping Hands supports this association since 2015.

Warm Hands (Morocco)

A nonprofit organization created in 2012. Handled by students and young people and part of a national network of association having the same name : Initiative Bienfaiteur.

Oujda is one the coldest cities in Morocco during the winter. The association organize every year campaigns to distribute blankets, clothes and food to homeless people and in the villages around the city.

  • Helping Hands supports this association since 2015.

NOMAD (Senegal)

The association NOMAD acts for the respect of the human rights and the Fundamental Liberties: the right to Education, Health, Work, and Culture… Dedicated in the development and improvement of the living conditions, the rehabilitation and the integration of the populations affected by the isolation and by the poverty.

Our project in DAKAR is to finance the construction of the accommodation center (dortoir) called THE REFUGE for the street children from 5 to 12 years old.

  • Helping Hands supports this association since 2018.

Path of Hope (Morocco)

The association “Loyalty” –  الاخلاص  In Arabic-  main goal is working around the human and social development in the Ouarzazate region of Moroco. They manage problems around basic needs, water management, women empowerment, and schooling and sport activities for the young people community.

Ibrachen is a small village in the Ourzazate Region. The village has currently no roads. People are isolated with no mean of transportation since there is no adequate infrastructure. This lack of access to all-weather roads has cut them off from both economic opportunities and key social services such as Food, health and education. For instance, in order to get to Primary/Secondary schools or Medical Assistance, people walk for 5 to 6 hours to reach the nearest village. When it rains, the situation becomes more difficult especially for very young students and pregnant women.

  • Helping Hands supports this association since 2019.

Projects in Asia

France Inde Karnataka (F.I.K.) (India)

France Inde Karnataka (F.I.K.) is a local development association whose mission is to improve access to healthcare and education in the poor rural area of Halligudi (Karnataka – South India). The organization mainly acts through its hospital, which has treated more than 200.000 patients in 20 years. Because of the high infant mortality rate, F.I.K. started a new nursery project, whose goals are to educate very young children and to work with mothers in order to reduce infant mortality.

  • Helping Hands supports this association since 2011.

Rain Drop (India)

Rain Drop is a French non-profit organization registered in Grasse since 2010. Working in drought-prone villages of India to improve life conditions, water management and agricultural production techniques and foster women’s empowerment.

  • Helping Hands supports this association since 2014.

Les amis des enfants du monde (India)

Les amis des enfants du monde is an association that consists of providing education to deprived children in India. “Creative School” provides English and IT class, letting children get familiar with working on computers. “Creative School” is a part of GRAMIUM initiative of AEM.

  • New project for Helping Hands in 2020.

Projects in the Americas

Fundación Dar de Corazón (Colombia)

Fundación Dar de Corazón is an association of 20 volunteers in Tuluá, Colombia, with the aim to help underprivileged children living in the area. The main goal of the association is to ensure that these children receive an education equal to that given to the rest of the population so that they too have the possibility to integrate in society and create a better life for themselves.

  • Helping Hands supports this association since 2017.

Futuro Vivo (Future Vivant/Future Alive) (Dominican Republic)  ​

Since 1988, in the village of Guerra (Dominican Republic), the Futuro Vivo Integral Education Communitarian Program aims to implement an innovative educational experience for kids (from 3 to 12 years of age) with a communitarian dimension, including the participation of the poorest Dominican and Haitian families, from the village as well as the hamlets and bateyes located nearby.

  • Helping Hands supports this association since 2017.