2022 Achievements Kenyan Kids

Since 2010, Helping Hands sponsors Kenyan Kids (locally known as La Familia), a non-profit association dedicated to rescuing vulnerable girls from family mistreatment, early marriage, physical and sexual abuse, and even female circumcision in Kisumu, Kenya.

Their initial project was centered on keeping them out of harm’s way, feeding them and providing the opportunity for them to attend school. Thanks to Familia, these girls now live in a completely different environment.  They have a loving house mum who cares for them, a home they can shelter in, a bed to sleep in, clothes to wear, adequate nourishment, formal education, and above all a family that loves them.

In parallel, Kenyan Kids feed hungry children being left alone all day while their widowed mothers went out in search of food. What started with a feeding program for those little ones very soon burgeoned into a creche which then developed into a nursery school.


In 2022, was the building and inaugurating of Kenyan Kids new venture, the Arc en Ciel Academy which specifically aims at bringing nursery education to local children. As you can see, the classrooms are beautifully decorated and welcome up to 50 children between the ages of 3 and 6 years.

The first child enrolled was Fabian, the little boy who suffers from Cerebral Palsy. He loves school!

They still have lots they want to achieve with the school – extending the classrooms to accommodate the children as they grow.

At the start of the 2023 school year, they had 27 enrollments which means that they’re just breaking even with our staffing costs. As the numbers grow, hopefully, they shall be in profit. It has always been their intention to have a ‘business’ that will in turn support their home for abused children. This way, it guarantees their future sustainability. The money will go towards school fees as they have enrolled fourteen girls and three boys this year.

Meanwhile, they are also working hard to bring to fruition a long-term dream of building a school for the local community.

Another long-term vision and ambition is to have access to transport which would encourage even more children (particularly those who live remotely) to attend to school.

Our stories with the association

This small charity has a big heart! As mentioned, it’s dedicated to rescuing vulnerable girls, feed the village kids, and now ensuring their education!

it is now 13 years that Helping Hands has been part in the future of these kids. Helping Hands and I am proud to be an indirect contributor to the support of these children and have the upmost respect for group of people involved in the future of these lovely group of kids!